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Welcome to the Owners Section

Benefits of Timeshare Ownership

As a timeshare owner you can look forward to a lifetime of memorable vacations. Once you start staying at other timeshare resorts you will understand why there are over 4,000,000 owners worldwide. Benefits include:

Ownership: A deeded real estate interest that you can pass down to your children.
Savings: Why stay in expensive hotels or other vacation rentals.
Space: Resorts feature Jr. Studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom accomodations that feature kitchens, living rooms and more.

Benefits of owning at the Lift Lodge Resort

It maintains its RCI Gold Crown rankings year after year.

Continually improving your experience at the property.
Lift Lodge is not tied to any one exchange company. you can access any of RCI's 5,103 timeshare resorts, or Interval International's 2,800 resorts, as well as Lift Lodge's own exchange affiliation through Blue Mountain Resorts.
Flexibility to vacation bank, vacation borrow, split your weeks or add more time through Bonus Time for longer vacations.

Annual Maintenance Fees:

Studio - $512.00 per week
One Bedroom - $720.00 per week
Two Bedroom (85, 86 & 87) - $763.00 per week
Two Bedroom (88 & 89) - $696.00 per week
Presidential (31) - $858.00 per week
Executive (32) - $765.00 per week
Ambassador (33) - $765.00 per week
Two Bedroom Phase III - $695.00 per week
Two Bedroom Loft - $773.00 per week
Two Bedroom Phase V - $683.00 per week
Loft (61, 62, 72-75) - $784.00 per week
Topsiders - $719.00 per week

The 2017 statement can be downloaded via the following PDF document below.

Bonus Time

As an owner, you have access to reduced rates to stay one, two, or three or more nights. This privilege rate is called "Bonus Time". Bonus Time Rates are as follows:

Studio: $80 per night
Imperial Suite (1 Bedroom): $120 per night
Presidential Suite (2 - 3 Bedroom): $137 per night

Simply call your owner services team at 1-888-267-4811 from 9am to 6pm MST Monday through Friday. You can also download your full ownership guide by clicking the "Download PDF" button bellow.

Board Members:

Herb Maddock - President
Robert Garrett - Vice President
Russ Rosander - Treasurer
Jeanne Hoffman - Secretary
Craig Martucchi - Director at Large
Jeff Page - Director at Large
Matthew LeMelle - Director at Large


Board Meetings:

October 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM: Board of Directors Meeting

All meeting are held at the Lift Lodge Resort: 1255 Empire Avenue, Park City, UT 84060